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POLISEPT® VET Regeneration

POLISEPT® VET Regeneration

A transparent, hypo-allergenic, quick-drying preparation that is used as a modern and effective method of scar prevention.

POLISEPT® VET Regeneration 15 ml – a silicone based scar repair gel.

Hypo-allergenic gel  POLISEPT® VET Regeneration can be applied on every fresh scar directly after the wound has healed (if the skin is not damaged) or on old scars. Best effects can be obtained by applying the preparation within two years of the wound having healed.



On scars of varying aetiology: forming after surgery, burns, and injuries.

For the protection and care of paw pads.

For the protection and care of the nose pad.

POLISEPT® VET Regeneration
POLISEPT® VET Regeneration


  1. Twist off the cap and press a little gel out.
  2. Gently spread the gel on the entire skin area that you wish to cover with the preparation.
  3. Massage for about a minute, rubbing the gel in (the massage supports scar healing).
  4. Leave a thin layer of gel to dry.
  5. Surplus of gel may be removed with a tissue.

It is recommended to apply the gel twice a day.

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