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POLISEPT® VET AL/AG Silver Alginate Wound Dressing is a direct sterile dressing.

POLISEPT® VET AL/AG Silver Alginate Wound Dressing contains calcium alginate enriched with silver ions, that comes in the form of flat plates.

Indications and features:

It is an absorbent dressing with aseptic properties.

It can be used on shallow or deep (including penetrating) wounds, infected or clean wounds.

Wound exudate level: heavy or medium.

It creates ideal conditions for wound healing.

Fights infection within the wound and prevents external infection of the wound.


Rinse the wound with Polisept® Vet Wound Irrigation or Polisept® Vet Spray.

Dry the skin around the wound, but lightly moisten the wound bed itself.

Adjust the size of the dressing such that it covers the entire surface of the wound. Leave an additional 2 cm margin.

Place the POLISEPT® VET AL/AG dressing directly on the wound. In the case of deep wounds, they can be filled with an appropriately cut amount of dressing.



Cover the POLISEPT® VET AL/AG with an additional external dressing (to be secured with either a bandage or plaster).

In the initial treatment of an infected wound, the POLISEPT® VET AL/AG should be changed daily, after that depending on the degree of severity of the infection. The dressing should be used until wound secretions are minimal or stop altogether.



Calcium alginate

Calcium alginate has high absorption properties, and silver ions have antibacterial properties. When in contact with wound secretions, the calcium alginate fibres transform into a gentle gel which fills the wound bed, while the silver ions are simultaneously released into the wound and act in a bactericidal manner. The resultant gel creates the ideal environment for the healing of the wound: optimal moisture level that improve granulation and epidermal processes, ensures thermal insulation, and ensures mechanical isolation that protects the wound from external environmental stressors while not interfering with gas exchange. Silver ions fight infection within the wound and prevent external infection.

Silver ions

Silver ions have antibacterial properties. They fight infection within the wound and prevent the wound from becoming contaminated from the outside.

Polisept Vet Produkty

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