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Rectal suppositories for animals

POLISEPT® VET Calm is a product in the form of suppositories with synergistic activity of ingredients

POLISEPT® VET Calm contains active substances with synergic effect:

  • Perluxan: Standardised hops cone extract supporting the body’s natural response to inflammation and pain.Perluxan improves joint comfort and mobility in the treatment of osteoarthritis.
  • CBD: One of the primary phytocannabinoids extracted during pressing of the hemp plant. Affects animals’ endocannabinoid system.CBD modulates pain signals, has anti-inflammatory effects and increases resistance to stress. It is used in cancer therapy and in neurological disorders.
  • L-tryptofan: An exogenous amino acid essential for serotonin synthesis. In a high-protein diet, only a small amount of tryptophan is absorbed from food into the bloodstream.Serotonin produced in the process of tryptophan metabolism protects animals from excessive irritability that can cause aggression, reduces the risk of self-injury and limits the effects of stress.

POLISEPT® VET Calm is used as a supplement:

after surgical procedures

in case of inflammations and joint diseases, including osteoarthritis

in case of cancers

in highly agitated, restless animals

Polisept Vet Produkty

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