POLISEPT® VET H Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing

is a direct sterile dressing that contains a hydrocolloid layer covered in a semi-permeable film.

The dressing ensures that the wound remains isolated and creates and maintains a balanced moist environment that is ideal for granulation and epidermal processes.


shallow wounds with yellow, diffuse necrotic tissue,

wounds in the granulation phase and early epidermal process phase,


chronic wounds that have difficulty healing.


Rinse the wound with POLISEPT® VET Wound Irrigation Solution or POLISEPT® VET  Spray, if necessary (in the case of necrosis, the necrotic layers should be removed before applying the dressing).

Dry the skin around the wound.

Adjust the size of the dressing such that it covers the entire surface of the wound. Leave an additional 2-3 cm margin (if a large wound needs to be covered, several overlapping dressings can be applied).
Place the POLISEPT® VET H Dressing directly on the wound and gently press down the edges of the dressing.

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