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Lack of energy? Weak after injuries or surgical procedures?

This product delivers substances providing energy to improve the physical condition of animals.

The POLISEPT® VET Recovery nutritional preparation is used prophylactically and as an adjunct in weakened animals, during convalescence after illnesses, as well as in sports animals.


A source of easily digestible energy substances.

It provides the necessary energy to maintain the endangered metabolic processes.

The prolonged effect of the action allows you to rebuild the used backup energy.


The POLISEPT® VET Recovery dietary supplement is used preventively and to strengthen the weakened animals e.g. after complicated surgical procedures, injuries, during recovery after malignant diseases, as well as for sports or hard-working animals for which easily absorbable energy substances with a long-term effect needs to be supplemented.

Glucose covers about 60 % of energy demands and is the main and almost the only source of energy for the central nervous system. Administration of a properly composed sugar syrup containing easily absorbable monosaccharides (glucose, fructose) in an energy deficiency state allows for a rapid and effective replenishment of the necessary energy needed to maintain endangered metabolic processes.

While the sucrose content, which is a disaccharide composed of one glucose molecule and one fructose molecule, provides a prolonged effect of action and allows of the regeneration of consumed energy.


Administer the product directly into the mouth.
Daily dose – 1 full tube.

Sports or hard-working animals:
1 tube / 25 kg of body weight once a day.

Energy deficient animals:
1 tube / 15 kg of body weight once a day.

Polisept Vet Produkty

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