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POLISEPT® VET Wound Irrigation 500 ml

POLISEPT® VET Wound Irrigation

Isotonic fluid for the irrigation (bathing) of all kinds of wounds

and the preparation of the wound bed for further treatment, including surgical intervention.

POLISEPT® VET Wound Irrigation is a modern preparation used in the care and treatment of wounds in animals.

Applied as an adjuvant in the care and treatment of:

surgical wounds,

acute wounds, both sterile and infected (incl. wound pockets and recesses),

chronic wounds (bedsores, ulcerations), whether infected or not,

localised 1st- and 2nd-degree burns,

bedsores, abscesses, and ulcerations,

perioperative wound protection and flushing the anal sacs,

removal of dressing stuck to a wound.

POLISEPT® VET Wound Irrigation


Bathe the wound, pouring the fluid directly from the container. In case of bites or lacerations, or if wound pockets and recesses occur, make sure that the fluid can flow freely from the wound. Do not inject the fluid into the wound at high pressure. It is recommended, especially in chronic wounds, to warm the fluid to a temperature approximating the physiological body temperature (do not apply cold fluid straight from the fridge). Dry the wound before further treatment with other preparations.

Cover the wound with a compress moistened with the warmed fluid; gently press and leave for 10–15 minutes. The compresses or sterile gauze should be moistened at the ratio of 10ml of fluid for every 10×10 sq cm of the gauze / compresses.

This method is especially recommended on chronic, infected wounds, in order effectively to remove the bacterial biofilm.

Dressing can be prepared analogously; frequency of dressing change depends on the type of wound.

Dead tissue, mechanical and biological contaminations can also be removed by gently wiping the surface of the wound with gauze or a compress abundantly soaked in the warmed fluid.

Moisten the dressing abundantly with the warmed fluid. Wait until the dressing can be gently removed so as not to affect the wound.

After removing the dressing, you may cover the wound with a moist compress and leave it for 10-15 minutes in order better to purge the wound of possible organic residues.


Active substances

The unique qualities of POLISEPT® VET Wound Irrigation result from the synergy of two active ingredients contained in the osmotic fluid: the antimicrobial polyhexanide (PHMB) and betaine, a surfactant which effectively helps to remove all mechanical and biological contaminations, including bacterial biofilm.

POLISEPT® VET Wound Irrigation can therefore yield excellent results both in TIME wounds workflow, lavaseptics, and further treatment.



1. Effectively removes mechanical and biological contamination.

2. Thoroughly penetrates and cleans pockets and recesses of wounds (bite and lacerated wounds).
3. Effectively removes the resulting bacterial biofilm.
4. Effectively prevents the formation of bacterial biofilm.
5. Eliminates or significantly reduces the risk of spreading infection caused by the transmission of microorganisms from the wound to the adjacent tissues.
6. Demonstrates excellent tissue tolerance (very low cell toxicity, no allergenic effect).
7. Accelerates wound healing, has a wide range of applications (“TIME”, Lawaseptics).
8. It fits perfectly into the “TIME” scheme for dealing with wounds.
9. Allows for effective and non-invasive removal of dressings.
Polisept Vet Produkty

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